The name affordable care act makes me laugh. Let’s call it what it is – Obamacare! It will not be affordable. The Society of Actuaries (SOA) predicted that, thanks to sicker patients joining the coverage pool, medical claims per member will rise 32 percent in the individual plans expected to dominate the ACA exchanges next year. In some states costs will rise as much as 80 percent, the report said. Get ready to pay.

I don’t need a report to see the writing on the wall about OBAMA -DON’T CARE. As a Registered Nurse, I see the patient population being sicker every day and more and more non paid readmissions…..That’s right….our tax dollars pay and the insurance companies deny payment or readmissions within 30 days. Some people are just losers and treat themselves badly and cause the sickness to be worse. I have a special spot in my heart for those people. My mom recently said,, “Dale you should not wear your heart on your sleeves. It makes you vulnerable.” I say to her, my heart on my sleeve lets people know where I stand. I am not afraid of that. I said Obamacare could not be managed by the federal government and the prime example is the mismanaged medicare program, but ideologues voted it in. Then I said there are consequences for continuing to overburden the healthcare system. Gosnel = consequence. Acts like his will never be found out because they are too busy trying to figure out how not to pay for your hospital bill……He had a 30 year run. I HAVE A LIFETIME.

Have you ever seen insurance companies roll back rates or do they always find a way to increase or get rid of coverage or limit you. You don’t have to answer because we know the answer. We gave them the reason to increase by 80% by voting in this horrible legislation. Your consequences will be reaped in full in 2014.