Healthcare Villain

Healthcare Has a New Villain Exposed by Author Willie L. Stewart’s Novel ‘taRNished’

Wesley Chapel, FL (PRWEB) January 18, 2014

Highly acclaimed new author and critical care Registered Nurse Willie L. Stewart and his debut novel “taRNished” have captured healthcare’s newest diabolical mind and his name is Dale, a Registered Nurse serial killer.

Based on an expanded reality resulting from new healthcare laws, “taRNished” explores the myriad levels of underlying issues which allow for pathological individuals to thrive and hide in the environment created by the soon to be even further overburdened healthcare system which our country so depends on.

“taRNished,’ could be set in any major city with an exploding population and an overtaxed hospital system manned by overtasked, exhausted and disgusted care providers. This novel is sure to entertain while shaking up the very foundation of healthcare and the public’s confidence in that system…will it spark debate…will it create panic? The jury is out but early reviews indicate, “taRNished” could well be one of the most important book releases of 2014.

Early reviewers include Valerie Graves who served on the 1992 Clinton/Gore advertising team and is the former creative director at nelson Communications, Inc., the health communications giant.

Ms. Graves says, “Wow! tarnished drew me right into the diabolical world of Dale and Isabel. They are two of the most coldblooded killers the medical profession may have ever produced.”

About author Willie L. Stewart

A critical care Registered Nurse with over 13 years in various critical care settings, Mr. Stewart brings a level of expertise to the relevant topics of todays media that are highlighted in his debut novel “taRNished.”

Willie is a member of the Tampa Writer’s Alliance and the Florida Writer’s Association, as a creative mind, he has published multiple articles, global press releases and executive produced an online talk show which won an award against the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden. His talk show was the only independent talk show in consideration in competition with these heavyweights.

Find out more about the new dynamic novel by this dynamic new author by visiting the book’s blog and in a unique twist, engage with the book’s lead character Dale via these social media networks; and see exclusive graphics from Dale’s perspective via


Florida craziness once again

Florida craziness once again

On a historic date we are once again blindsided by the unmitigated, unbridled stupidity from the far right. I find it fascinating that they can never seem to separate disagreement on political issues from just pure racism.

There are secret details to every drone strike and the program is designed for precision striking. So Blacks commentary is based on speculation and a lack of classified data. This should not only disqualify him from holding public office where he would have access to these classified materials but THE SECRET SERVICE should be paying him a visit soon. It’s a shame that he does have followers who will listen and embrace his vitriol toward the POTUS.

Mr. Black and so many others are faced with an unthinkable and unbearable reality…the country is becoming more brown and a Black man ascended to the highest office in the land not once but TWICE. They shout they want to TAKE THERE COUNTRY BACK….to where? Jim Crowe or the forced servitude of slavery promulgated by a nation and secretly longed for by many to this date? No Mr. Black, we outnumber you now and always have. I’m not speaking of BROWN OR BLACK…I am speaking of people with common sense.

We will not go back to Africa….case it slipped by that pea brain of yours several generations have been born right here and we are just as AMERICAN as you. I’m an Independent Conservative politically which means I have liberal views but SOME conservative values so I find no home in either political party. But right now I would be ashamed and embarrassed to call myself a republican because of your mindless diatribe.

As a conservative I denounce your comments which all SANE republicans should immediately do…but most will stay silent. The liberal side of me says GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN BECAUSE MY GOD IS GREATER IN ME THAN HE THAT IS IN THEE.

Mr. President, brush your shoulders off as you always do. I don’t always agree with you politically but I agree that a modicum of fundamental decency should persist in those political disagreements. So I hope your secret service – not the visible one…that’s why it’s lower cased….but the REAL ONE deals with this idiot.

If you appreciate the commentary here, you will love my new novel taRNished

Usually reserved for media types, I am allowing ANYONE to View my Press kit here..

Response to critics and controversy surrounding taRNished



In a recent online attack on the debut release of the novel taRNished by an RN colleague from Texas, I provide a stellar response for all future attacks to come.  There are going to be those who support my efforts and there are certainly going to be those who attack my efforts.  What must be realized is that we ALL love Nursing as a profession or we wouldn’t be active practitioners.  I have chosen a niche market to make the chances of the most pressing concerns in healthcare not only reach a broader audience but to actively engage people while we have the attention we might not otherwise get.  Our profession has survived all manner of controversy since the establishment of the first general hospital in Rome by Fabiola in 380 AD and we are still THE MOST TRUSTED PROFESSION IN THE WORLD.  Below is my interaction with my Texas RN colleague.


Texas Nurse:  Great, just what the profession needs – another poor depiction. Thanx for nothing. Also, your synopsis mentions. “Edward Cullen, RN “. I think you mean Charles Cullen the jersey serial killer?….

Me:  Yes it has been corrected in the final proofs.  The culture of fear and defensiveness is usually warranted when system failures result in mismanaged care or worse…death. As a citizen in my country I don’t care so much about the positives if the negative can or will affect me or my family members in a negative way personally. It’s self preservation instinct in play that makes people gravitate to the negative stories. In my new book taRNished I focus on pathological individuals who take advantage of gross system failures. A big part of system failure is lack of an educated populace so I feel the shock value of my book taRNished awakens the public to very real threats in the system and spurs them on to want or feel the need to be educated which will supplement our efforts as care providers. If they don’t feel the need or urgency of the need to be educated then we as care providers oft times speak on deaf ears.

And truly in response to your comment the profession needs an accurate portrayal of what really goes on and not a stick your head in the sand mentality. Even though it is a small percentage and might be negligible, if it is your family it’s not so negligible. Pathological individuals will find it much easier to survive and thrive in overburdened over tasked work force in the near future. It’s going to take people acknowledging and speaking on the failures in the system in order to educate the populace and reform healthcare the way it should be reformed not this mess that they have right now.

But I thank you for your candor and hope to get your support in my endeavor . Everybody goes about it a different way this is just my take on approaching health care reform.

F.y.i stay tuned. I actually plan to use that typographical error as a way to engage young people later on during these debates. I’m going to have some sort of contest made around it. That’s a good eye you have for catching that. But during the editorial process we also caught it but I decided to leave some of them out there. Gotta use every avenue possible for marketing and promotions.